Second landslide of Jinsha River, Andy Science and Technology Guarantee Emergency Communication
                               At about 17:40 on November 3, 2018, in Baige Village, Polo Township, Jiangda County, Changdu County, Tibet Autonomous Region, a landslide occurred twice on October 10.
                               In order to cooperate with the rescue work of an emergency relief unit, Andy Science and Technology urgently allocated satellite emergency communication equipment and sent two senior technical engineers to Baiyu County at 15:00 on November 7, 2018.
                               At the same time, Andy Technological Services Engineer completed the channel resource allocation of the satellite master station at headquarters, built the ground transmission channel, and guaranteed the emergency communication requirements of the front line.

                        Emergency Command Communication Diagram


                        Satellite Emergency Communication System Provides Real-time Video/Image Data Transmission for UAV

                        Satellite Emergency Communication System Transmits Real-time Video to Dispatching Center

                               In this emergency rescue of Jinsha River landslide, the satellite emergency communication system effectively guarantees the command and dispatch of the scene and the smooth communication of government affairs, which fully reflects the necessity of emergency communication. In order to better serve emergency communications, Andy Technologies has launched ultra-light Lark Portable Station and Swift Portable Station, which are widely used in various field operations:
                               □ Bailing Portable Station weighs only 12 kg and is the lightest fully automatic portable station in the industry.
                               □ Swift Portable Station adopts split design, simple structure and easy maintenance. It can be assembled in 3 minutes by a single person. It is suitable for long-distance carrying and can meet the use in the worst environment.
                               As a private enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, Andy Technologies products and solutions are widely used in petroleum, power, earthquake, telecommunications operators, government emergency, public security, civil air defense, military and other fields, "Let satellite communications be everywhere, anywhere, anytime". Andy Science and Technology has always carried out the purpose of "integration of the military and the civilian, serving the country and serving the people", actively participated in emergency communication support projects, and contributed to the protection of people's lives and property security.